Advertise the 50+ Freedom Account for Cheshire Building Society.

Cheshire Building Society (University Brief)       March 2014

Advertise the 50+ Freedom Savings account for Cheshire Building Society.

Target Audience
Male and Female, aged 50 and above, ABC1 with a scattering of C2.
Savings of at least £5000.

People over 50 aren’t hobbling around on zimmerframes waiting to kick the bucket – they are active, and have hopes and dreams. With the kids having left the home, and likely to have climed the career ladder, this age group have never had more freedom. Why not use this as an opportunity to do the things they’ve always dreamed of?

We researched typical hopes and dreams that most people of the target audience age have. Some hope to travel the world and visit amazing places…

…others dream of owning a vintage car, or their own sailing boat.