Christmas campaign for Manchester United, promoting the Old Trafford Museum & Tour.

Manchester United (set by TBWA Manchester)       April 2014

Take advantage of the increased footfall in Manchester City Centre around Christmas, and persuade families to visit Old Trafford for the tour and museum. Produce three executions to be presented at TBWAManchester.

Target Audience
Christmas shoppers, families, parents of young children.

Christmas is all about the family. What better idea to spend time with your family than to tag on a trip to Old Trafford after shopping?

There’s no place like home this Christmas – plays on the idea that ‘home’ is central to the experience of Christmas. Why not let your home be Old Trafford?

This 48-sheet billboard would be placed along roads into Manchester’s shopping areas, such as the Trafford Centre – highlighting the possibility that visitors could visit the stadium after their shopping trip.